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Right to Counsel?

Right to counsel?

Students –

Do you think detained immigrants should have a right to counsel?  Consider your answer based on both legal immigrants and illegal immigrants.  Should their status matter?  Please note that according to the article, that includes permanent LEGAL residents.


Week Ten

Congratulations to all you of for completing a successful term.  This week marks your final examinations and essays for your courses.

It has been a pleasure working with all of you this term.  You’ve grown by leaps and bounds.  You’ve taught me quite a bit as well.  I am very pleased to be associated with Vatterott College.

This coming phase I will be on the campus four days per week.  I will be teaching the following courses:

  • Introduction to Law
  • Introduction to Values and Ethics (PA-214)
  • Criminal Law
  • Law of Corporations

I will also be directing the externship program.  I hope to also have the tutoring.

For my seniors – you two have grown so much over the last ten weeks.  I am incredibly proud of you both.  Remember that just because your time with Vatterott is coming to a close doesn’t mean you are totally on your own.  You both have my cell and my email.  I am merely a message or call away.  You both have so much potential.  Never stop working to improve your professional skills.  Also remember that with life, it truly is just what you make of it.  If you desire a different outcome in your life, you must make different decisions.  If you ever need a sounding board, I am here for you both.

For my students that have chosen to leave – you will be missed.  You are both incredibly bright.  I make you the same offer as my two seniors.  I am just an email or phone call away should you need anything during your educational preparation.  Of course, I wish you weren’t leaving our program.

For my students that I will see next phase – hang on to your proverbial hats!  All of these courses have quite a bit planned.  I’ve also found a lot of different examples you will find useful during the next phase and for your academic journey with Vatterott.  I am also the student adviser.  Please make an appointment to meet with me this term.  It is never too early to start your planning.  Trust me.  When I finished my Bachelor’s degree, I felt like I had been kicked out of the nest and left to be devoured by the wolves.  Don’t be that guy.

For my new students – greetings and namaste.  I am excited to be part of your journey.  Your decision to come to Vatterott for your Associate’s is one I know you will not regret.  I aim to teach you many things aside from what you need to know about the different areas of law; you also need to know how to balance life and work, juggle multiple deadlines, and how to think on a critical basis.  You will hear me say it over and over again – I will not teach you WHAT to think, but I will teach you HOW to think.  Be prepared for discussion, debate, and to be challenged even if I agree with you.  I am always a phone call, text, or email away.  If you need help and can’t attend tutoring, please contact me.  We will work something out.  I want you to be successful.  Bookmark or subscribe to this blog for future reference.

Open House

Students and others interested in our program –

We are hosting an open house on April 2nd.  Please come visit us!

Also, for the next term I will be on campus four days per week.  If you are a current student, note that I am the student adviser.  I want you to make an appointment to see me during the next term.  It is never to early to start thinking about and planning for your future.


Today for SCOTUS: DOMA.


Today, the Supreme Court will take up the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), the law signed by Bill Clinton that denied benefits and equal treatment to same-sex couples. This follows yesterday’s interesting, and at times heated, debate over Proposition 8 in the Hollingsworth case. I will be on MSNBC today discussing the case with NPR’s Here and Now at 12 and then Martin Bashir at 4 p.m.

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Ethics, anyone?

Ethics, anyone?

I’m sure you all wonder why I hit so hard on ethics in our Law Office Management class.  Now you can see first hand why I do so.

What’s the saying?  Oh, yes…  Don’t be that guy.

Semicolon – It’s Your Friend!

You need to learn to use a semicolon.

The Promiscuous Writer

It really is your friend.  It’s not hard to use.

My rule is relatively easy.  I won’t go into telling you about related independent clauses because then you will ask, “What’s an independent clause?”

If you have a longer sentence that includes:

  • but
  • and
  • however
  • furthermore

And such and such…you, too, can use the semicolon.

  • I taught for four hours today, but I don’t feel like I accomplished enough.
  • I taught for four hours today; I don’t feel like I accomplished enough.


  • I am watching Judge Alex while writing this blog.  However, you should know I’m really bored.
  • I am watching Judge Alex while writing this blog; you should know I’m really bored.

You can use it for choppy sentences as long as they relate.

  • I am drinking a Dirty Shirley. It’s mostly gin.
  • I am drinking a Dirty Shirley; it’s mostly gin.

Got it?  Good!

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Update on Drug Dog

Remember this, my LOM students?  We discussed this two weeks ago.  Here’s an update for you.  It’s really short and basically says that the use will now be limited.  It does count as a search under the Fourth Amendment.

Let me know your thoughts….but wait – there’s more!  This just came across the AP news.  -INSERT WARRANT HERE-


Prop 8 Background

Prop 8 Background

Hollingsworth v. Perry

SC Takes New Affirmative Action Case

SC Takes New Affirmative Action Case

Schuette v. Coalition

WestLaw Instructions

WestLaw Instructions

I am so excited for my two senior students!  Since we rarely remember to ask what research provider an office uses…and you both have LexisNexis training, I present this link for your use.

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