Vatterott OKC Paralegal Studies

We don't teach you what to think. We teach you HOW to think.

Week Three – DONE!

Students –

I want to commend each of you.  You are all doing exceptionally well.

Remember that you can submit your assignments through the drop box of your eCampus account, email it to me, or you can just bring it in.  I am on campus four days per week.

Just a few reminders:

  • Do not turn in assignments on spiral bound paper unless it is clean tear.
  • When I make corrects on your paper, it is for your benefit.
  • When I ask you questions about your answer, it is to increase your critical thinking ability.
  • If you turn in your work early and it receives a lower grade than you expected, you may make corrections and turn it in for a higher grade.
  • Start thinking now about your future.  It’s okay if it is your first phase at Vatterott.  It’s never to early to come up with a base plan.
  • Participate and ask questions.  I totally understand if you are uncomfortable asking a question in front of your classmates.  You can come to me before class, after class, on break, email it, text it, or call me.  However, even those of you in your first phase should realize by now that I don’t think any question is stupid and I insist that everyone treat their peers with respect.

Don’t forget – you can check your grades in eCampus.  If you don’t have access, you can see Daniel Resendez in Career Services.


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