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Do not act in illegal methods…

Do not act in illegal methods…

An illegal method is an illegal method regardless of if it will help the client.  You will hear me tell you this during your time at Vatterott OKC: ethics are mostly common sense.  If it is illegal or you think you should not do it, then do not do it.


180 Days for Misappropriation of Funds

180 Days for Misappropriation of Funds

$225k that was spent that did not belong to the attorney.  Remember in Law Office Management how we discussed that money that is unearned cannot be spent.  That is unethical.  Money that isn’t earned must stay in an escrow account.  Once it is earned, it can be moved to a business account to spend on whatever needs exist.

How do you feel that he received six months jail time for this breach?  Yes, he paid some of it back and has another 30 days to pay more back.  Is 180 days enough time?

Welcome, new students!

In just a few short days you will begin on an amazing educational journey.  In just a couple of short years you will be in an amazing career as a legal professional.  We at Vatterott are dedicated to your success as a student and a professional.

We understand the delicate balance of education and family life.  We understand that some of you will continue to work during your college experience.  Vatterott OKC is a beautiful and amazing facility that is designed to assist you to become the best person possible during your experience and thereafter.

Here are just a few things you should know ahead of time:

  • Your syllabus is your friend.  While it is mostly a loose guide telling you what will be covered during the term, the assignments are listed in it.  It has your weekly reading assignments and your written assignments.
  • eCampus is your friend.  I use it to keep up with grades, disseminate information, and share helpful websites.  Please do give me a little time to get everything assembled for you.
  • Please come to class prepared.  We will develop a list of classroom expectations together.  Preparation means you have finished your reading, you have something to take notes on (and to do pop quizzes that WILL be graded), ink pen, and being attentive.  Please do NOT turn in assignments written on spiral bound notebook paper.  If you write your assignments because you do not have access to a computer, please use clean tear or loose leaf paper.
  • I am on campus four days per week.  Two of those days I will be on campus until at least one in the afternoon.  On day one, I will provide you with my email and cell phone.
  • Speaking of email, please check it on a regular basis.  I will use your personal email instead of your student email.
  • If you are struggling in ANY of your coursework, please come to me.  I can’t help you if you don’t tell me you’re having a problem.  I am also your student adviser.
  • Be on time.

I look forward to week one (and the following nine weeks).  I assure you that I will respect your time and your investment in to your future.  I will help you all that I can, but I can’t do it for you.

Ethics and Money

Ethics and Money

Naughty, naughty.  We’ve discussed this as well.  Keep documentation.  Disclose.  Be honest.  Use common sense.

This guy had previous disciplinary action.  How many times do you feel a person should be able to get in this sort of trouble without a permanent solution?

Ethics, anyone?

Ethics, anyone?

I’m sure you all wonder why I hit so hard on ethics in our Law Office Management class.  Now you can see first hand why I do so.

What’s the saying?  Oh, yes…  Don’t be that guy.

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