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Miss Scarlet in the library with a knife!!




Professional presentation

Professional presentation

This is directed at attorneys, but much like a couple of other things I’ve sent out today…what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  Professionalism is the name of the game.  You’ve chosen to enter into a conservative field.  Know how to present yourself and you will be most esteemed.

Websites lawyers love!

Websites lawyers love!

I would like to presume that since attorneys love these, so will paralegals.  Actually, I would go with anyone who holds an interest in law will love them.  I found this through Twitter.  

SCOTUS declines controversial prof’s case

SCOTUS declines controversial prof’s case

How do you feel about the state court making the determination that the university’s hearing was “quasi-judicial” and that he couldn’t sue because of it?  Do you feel that crossed a line and attempted to take away his right to litigate?  Did you know that most employment contracts, such as for educators, have an arbitration agreement?

Today for SCOTUS: DOMA.


Today, the Supreme Court will take up the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), the law signed by Bill Clinton that denied benefits and equal treatment to same-sex couples. This follows yesterday’s interesting, and at times heated, debate over Proposition 8 in the Hollingsworth case. I will be on MSNBC today discussing the case with NPR’s Here and Now at 12 and then Martin Bashir at 4 p.m.

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Semicolon – It’s Your Friend!

You need to learn to use a semicolon.

The Promiscuous Writer

It really is your friend.  It’s not hard to use.

My rule is relatively easy.  I won’t go into telling you about related independent clauses because then you will ask, “What’s an independent clause?”

If you have a longer sentence that includes:

  • but
  • and
  • however
  • furthermore

And such and such…you, too, can use the semicolon.

  • I taught for four hours today, but I don’t feel like I accomplished enough.
  • I taught for four hours today; I don’t feel like I accomplished enough.


  • I am watching Judge Alex while writing this blog.  However, you should know I’m really bored.
  • I am watching Judge Alex while writing this blog; you should know I’m really bored.

You can use it for choppy sentences as long as they relate.

  • I am drinking a Dirty Shirley. It’s mostly gin.
  • I am drinking a Dirty Shirley; it’s mostly gin.

Got it?  Good!

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Get Ahead – Write Well!

Get Ahead – Write Well!

The link above is to an interview by Grammar Girl.  She discusses how you can get ahead in your professional life by writing well.

Stripper Sues – Labor Law

Stripper Sues – Labor Law

What do you think?  Should she have done her homework and known what was expected of her as an independent contractor or is the owner solely at fault?

As an independent paralegal, it is my responsibility to know what I am required to make to pay my bills (including fees to other professionals or services).  It is my responsibility to take care of my taxes or hire someone to do it for me.  It is my responsibility to save for retirement.

Should a stripper be held to a lower standard when all of that information is able to be found for free?

Brain Teaser

My sister posed this question to me via text.  She also apologized for giving me an idea of an assignment for you.  This isn’t graded, but you should look in to it.  Let me know your decision and WHY.  Do not just tell me yes or no.  You know my soul cries when you can’t back up your decision.

Two people are standing LITERALLY on the border of two states.  Let’s say Oklahoma and Texas.  Person A pulls out a gun and shoots (and kills) person B.  Who has jurisdiction?

Punctuation Saves Lives!

Punctuation Saves Lives!

For my Advanced LRW students – see you in the morning. Remember, punctuation is your friend!

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