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Jackson Civil Suit

Jackson Civil Suit

Michael Jackson‘s mother, Katherine, is suing AEG in a civil suit for wrongful death alleging that AEG did not do enough to investigate Conrad Murray before allowing him to care for Jackson.



This is just a summary of the motions we discussed today in Intro to Law.  If you are in the Oklahoma City area and you are interested in becoming a paralegal, please give our Admissions office a call.  They know that if you come to visit while I am teaching that I would be happy to meet with you!  I am on campus four days per week.

Today we discussed the lifespan of a lawsuit and some of the motions that may be filed during the span.

  • Motion to Dismiss – In some states, this is also known as a demurrer.  This is filed alleging that the complaint does not contain facts that warrants any type of lawsuit or that the complaint is improperly stated according to procedural rules.
  • Motion to Quash Service of Process – This challenges the service of process of the summons.  If someone isn’t properly served, that can cause problems with the lawsuit.
  • Motion to Compel – If procedural time limits are not honored, the party expecting information may request that court order immediate compliance.
  • Motion for Sanctions – This is used when one party is of the opinion that the other party is willfully disregarding the rules of procedure or orders of the court.
  • Motion for Summary Judgment – It basically states that the evidence is so overwhelmingly in favor of one party that no reasonable judge or jury could find in favor of the other party.  It asks that the case be determined without trial and in favor of the requesting party.
  • Motion in limine – This is an attempt to prevent certain evidence from being presented on the basis that it could interfere with an informed and fair decision by the jury.


Returning Engagement Gifts?

Returning Engagement Gifts?

What happens to an engagement ring if the wedding is called off?  What about any pending wedding gifts?  That is generally the decision left up to the court.  However, consider the fact that those “gifts” (including the ring!) were given with a condition…an impending marriage.  Thus, we are dealing with a conditional gift.

Man Sues the Chicago Bulls

Man sues the Chicago Bulls

A man sued the Chicago Bulls alleging that Derrick Rose being out for the season caused him to have a mental break down and to his obesity.  So if you worked with the attorney who accepted this case (if this guy isn’t pro se), what would your ideas be for bringing the suit forward, interviewing the client, and collection of HIS records?

Stripper Sues – Labor Law

Stripper Sues – Labor Law

What do you think?  Should she have done her homework and known what was expected of her as an independent contractor or is the owner solely at fault?

As an independent paralegal, it is my responsibility to know what I am required to make to pay my bills (including fees to other professionals or services).  It is my responsibility to take care of my taxes or hire someone to do it for me.  It is my responsibility to save for retirement.

Should a stripper be held to a lower standard when all of that information is able to be found for free?

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