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Girl receives felony charge over science project

Girl receives felony charge over science project

Read the link above.

She mixed toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil in a plastic bottle.  It exploded.  No one was injured.  She alleges it was for a science fair project.  The school expels her.  She’s arrested for possession / discharge of a weapon.  She is now facing a felony.  She’s 15.

Do you think this is a fair charge if you consider the wording of the Florida statute?  What do you think would be mitigating facts (if any)?  What about an affirmative defense?


Update on Drug Dog

Remember this, my LOM students?  We discussed this two weeks ago.  Here’s an update for you.  It’s really short and basically says that the use will now be limited.  It does count as a search under the Fourth Amendment.

Let me know your thoughts….but wait – there’s more!  This just came across the AP news.  -INSERT WARRANT HERE-


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